[Leathrify] New Japan design Leather Wallet – Leathrify:レザリファイ


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Here are the world's best long wallets. 

leather wallet leathrify auto

Auto Separate bills and coins

Keep your wallet tidy in an instant!
Easy to use wallet.
A stylish wallet that makes it easy to pay your bills.

Leathrify is a functional wallet that allows you to separate bills and coins by simply inserting money.

Large capacity
with 24 card slots.

A cotton card case you'll want to keep touching.
Won't hurt your fingertips!

Leathrify is durable and comfortable to the touch, so you can use it for a long time.

leather wallet leathrify card
leather wallet leathrify RFID

RFID Blocking wallets

Protects card information
A small safe for your credit cards

The Leathrify wallet is not only stylish but also secure. Even if you have a lot of money on your credit card, you can still carry it safely.

Only one wallet in the world
Exclusive Japanese design using leather

A wide range of designs
Stunning stained glass design

Leathrify is made of stained glass, which gives it
a luxurious and mature design.

leather wallet leathrify Stained glass
leather wallet leathrify shop